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Thanks Orph and Shafi.

Yes, I am quite disappointed with the turnout. I hoped for 100+ Anyway, 50 isn't bad either.

I have quite a few plans to make it more exciting. Here is one in short:

1. Every cricketer will have a "value" assigned to them. This value is the cost that one will have to "pay" to get this cricketer in his/her team. This value will be higher for better players, eg. Bashar, Masri or Rafique; and lower for not so good players like Monju, Khaled Mahmud etc.

2. At the start of a game every manager will receive a set number of points, eg: 500. They can spend these point to purchase a player. Obviously you have to balance your within the cost. Thus, you can't all good players, because that will exceed your points.

3. When a series has started and some of your cricketers aren't doing so good, you can substitute other cricketers. You will get a set number of substitution for the whole series, eg. 3. Now, when you substitute a cricketer you will forfeit all the points that is contirbuted by that specific player to your team; and you will have to pay current "market" value of the player that you want to accquire. The new cricketer that you accquire will only contribute to your team's points from that day onward. His previous points will not be added to your team.

4. Value of a cricketer will be determined automatically from his last Test/ODI performance. E.g. Getting 50 runs in a match may increase a player's value by 5 points, a century may increase his/her value by 10 points. Similarly if the batsman gets out for a duck it may reduce his value by 10 point; or getting out before 10 may reduce point by 5 etc. Similar rules will be applied to the bowler. Good performace will increase value, and bad performace will decrease value. Good fielding by a player will also contribute to players value.

5. From one series to the next you will carry certain % of points from your previous team. Eg. 10% carry will get you extra 10points for every 100 points from your previous fantasy team. This extra 10 points will add up to start up point of 500, so you will now have 510 points to get cricketers.

In current fantasy structure you just select your players and do nothing. Which can be quite boring. If we adopt the above system it will get quite exciting. Because to win you will have to participate and manage your team wisely. Just selecting your team probably won't win you the max points.

All this in planning stage. If enough of us here like it then we can go for it. So post your opinion.

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