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Originally Posted by CricFanBD
Afetr 1-2, Dravid said that....he had no doubt about the series win.......what a Captain!! Yeah, Dravid you r right......but the result goes to WI's Court.......I was so he (Dravid) got this type of Confidence?.........From Chapell or From "Average below Player" Power, Raina, Veo etc.........Next time when you (Dravid) play against WI....plz show proper it is 35 have to wait for another 2 years (37) to get a series plz watch your mouth.....for the GOD sake........I think Dravid you deserve a little more...something about a "Yellow Wash (4-1)" completely deserve that......Congrats to Dravid........for a great series win!! ha ha
India won the ODI series last time they Visted WI in 2001-2002.
2001-2002 West Indies v India (Test Series)
West Indies Won Series 2-1
Player of Series: S Chanderpaul
Test Countries Date Ground Result
1st Test WIN v IND 11/04/2002 Bourda Match Drawn
2nd Test WIN v IND 19/04/2002 Queen's Park India Won by 37 Runs
3rd Test WIN v IND 02/05/2002 Kensington Oval West Indies Won by 10 Wickets
4th Test WIN v IND 10/05/2002 Antigua Rec Ground Match Drawn
5th Test WIN v IND 18/05/2002 Sabina Park West Indies Won by 155 Runs

ODI - 2001-2002 West Indies v India
India Won Series 2-1
Player of Series: S C Ganguly
Match Countries Date Ground Result
1st WIN v IND 25/05/2002 Sabina Park Match Abandoned
2nd WIN v IND 26/05/2002 Sabina Park Match Abandoned
3rd WIN v IND 29/05/2002 Kensington Oval India won by 7 wickets
4th WIN v IND 01/06/2002 Queen's Park West Indies won by 7 wickets
5th WIN v IND 02/06/2002 Queen's Park India won by 56 runs
Series in WI (last 35 years) Matches Result
1970-1971 West Indies v. India 5 India 1-0
1975-1976 West Indies v. India 4 West Indies 2-1
1982-1983 West Indies v. India 5 West Indies 2-0
1988-1989 West Indies v. India 4 West Indies 3-0
1996-1997 West Indies v. India 5 West Indies 1-0
2001-2002 West Indies v. India 5 West Indies 2-1

Only 6 series had been played in the last 35 years.

Dravid didn't say that way,he was only instilling confidence when he said that they can still win the series.Recently,when Endland were 0-3 down against India,the England captain was saying that they can still bounce back.Every captain does that ,nothing wrong in that.

Raina is not "Average below Player.He is a Talented Player,Only time will tell.

My Reaction ,topic of this thread is that I am very with the team.It is the below par performance from the Indians that they are finding themselves in this situation now,not the other way around.Had it been Aussies or the SA they would have wrapped the Series in style.India has this problem of gifting away matches.Also the 5 bowlers theory has backfired .
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