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Originally Posted by thebest
I am a liverpool fan. Believe me, Kewell is a big match sissy. There is nothing bigger than a world cup match. Considering Istaembul and this year's FA cup, he would be a super flop. If I remember correctly he was also one of the underperformer in Leed's champions league semi final. Viduka is the real threat for the Japs. But he is not fully fit or is he?
I understand your pain as a Liverpool supporter having to watch Kewell break down when it counts most. But in all seriousness, Kewell chose Liverpool over Man Utd (my team) believing that Liverpool had a brighter future. He wanted to be there. He works as hard as anyone, and it really is through no fault of his own that he finds himself on the sidelines so often.

Unfortunatly it doesn't help his cause having Benitez publicly write him off as a player & then subsequently breaking down in a Champions League and an FA Cup final. Nevertheless, his last few months at Liverpool (prior to the most recent injury) have easily been his best period at the Club.

And as for Duks', no one knows the situation. Either way, if you count the on field performances of Viduka & Kewell, for Australia, then Kewell wins hands down. His move to Liverpool, unfortunately, was the worst decision of his career. He is currently a shadow of the player he was whilst at Leeds.
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