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Originally Posted by Mr-Cricket
Australia has a World Class Midfield & Attack to go along with our inspirational Keeper in Schwarzer. I suppose the only area we are lacking in is our Defence. Even with all of Guus' wisdom, we still havn't been able to address our issues down back, nor unearth a real talent in this area (as we have with Culina & Kennedy).

Midfield including Culina, Cahill, Bresciano & Grella.

Strikers in Viduka, Kewell & Aloisi.

Emerton, Skoko & Kennedy are pretty handy too.

Trouble is, no one knows who any of them are (Kewell/Viduka aside).

Could work in our favour I guess?

it definitely we have a world class coach that put netherland nd korea in the top footballing nations list.....
btw, u forgot cahill aswell..that kid has a terrific potential......he scored the equalizer against netherland....although most of the credit goes to viduka for creating the opportunity in first place.
a team that beats uruguay to qualify in the WC should not be underestimated....
and australia's string of success didnt stop there.....a draw with world's number 3 nd a win against greece...