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Originally Posted by tiger_man
it definitely we have a world class coach that put netherland nd korea in the top footballing nations list.....
btw, u forgot cahill aswell..that kid has a terrific potential......he scored the equalizer against netherland....although most of the credit goes to viduka for creating the opportunity in first place.
a team that beats uruguay to qualify in the WC should not be underestimated....
and australia's string of success didnt stop there.....a draw with world's number 3 nd a win against greece...
1) Hiddinik put Holland among the worlds top sides? Thats news to me. They were a top side long before Hiddink

2) No one is underestimating Australia, its just that we dont really see a 3-1 win against Liechtenstein as a trashing.

3) Uruguay is a semi decent side, they came behind Paraguay in the qualifiers. And Australia were all evens after playing 210 minutes, they won just on penalties

4) Please dont use Fifa rankings as an indicator of how good a team is. USA is like 5th? and Italy is not even in top 10. The rankings are heavily skewed in favor of teams who play mediocre opposition regularly.