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Originally Posted by IanW
1) Not just Holland. Also PSV and lets not forget South Korea.

2) Neither do I.

3) Kindly tell me when Brazil last beat Uruguay in Uruguay.

4) Holland . At home. Ten Days from the World Cup.

Ian Whitchurch
1) PSV is a powerhouse in Holland. The difference between teams in Champions league is paper thin. Otherwise Porto and Liverpool would not been champion. Regarding Korea, setting aside referral controversy (If Referree was a little bit lenient againest Italy and Spain ; Korea could have lose both match) Korea has the pedigree and experience of playing WC. That is important. Look how Ivory Coast and Angola losses match. It come down to experience. Both could have at least draw the match if they were little bit experience.

2) No body under estimating. But some one over estimating Aus capability.
3) Japan draw with Brazil Confedaration cup. Does it mean Japan is equal to Brazil ? certainly not. And Australia did not beat Uruguay at Uruguay. So I did not understand what is the logic.
4) Mexico beat Brazil in a competative match (not a friendly) only a year ago or Croatia beat Argentina two monthes ago.
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