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Originally Posted by Hatebreed
Are you asking what impression we get from the above nicknames? Please elaborate.
Yes I am asking what first impression we may get from any (not only the above) nicknames/user names? It may or may not have any relation to the actual user. For example, if someone says 'Gorom (hot)', it may reminds you 'hauwa' or 'batash' or 'Mosholla' or 'Goram-a-gorom'. Only thing is domain of words for this are: from the user nicknames/usernames list only.

Originally Posted by Bancan
and one question y on earth am i the last one in the list? am i not popular enough
Think it this way... I may have selected the list order:
a) So that the best one is the last one. or
b) just randomly, or
c) based on seniority, or based on number of posts....
d) pick your own logic

and the list is not the complete list. These are the few nicks that reminds me of some other word/phrases, the other doesn't.

Originally Posted by captain_thinking_tank
ami kintu list a nai

Originally Posted by Daddy_Mac
FALTU thread amr nam nai..!!!
Added. Now happy?

Originally Posted by omio
I m not clr the purpose..
But, I using my real nick and I fell well for that.
Please see my response to Hatebreed, Bancan's and al Furqaan's message. I hope it helps

Originally Posted by Sydney
my name isnt on that list
My apology. My list is not the complete list. Everyone is welcomed here. Added.

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