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Allah Bhorosha....

This is the 1st Dry run.
Here is the 1st 10 picked (kind of) randomly:

1. "chinaman" reminds me of "Deshi Pan fried noodles with a egg on the top" and a feeling "Yummy Yummy .. fill my tummy"
2. "AsifTheManRahman" prompt me the following inquiry: "Is there any woman named asif rahman?"
3. "fwullah" reminds me of "Fatullah Stadium"
4. "Mahmood" reminds me two words: "Moody" and "Mamu (uncle)"
5. "Spitfire_x86" reminds me of "Old Computer with x86 processor"
6. "Bancan" remind me of my Bam Can (left ear)
7. "captain_thinking_tank" reminds me of Coloni-r Panir(water) Tank
8. "Sydney" reminds me of Hot Chili with Kidney beans
9. "Daddy_Mac" reminds me of the following: website, McDonald and the Movie "Big Daddy"
10. "Fazal" reminds me of "Shu-shadhu but Poka-wala Falzi Aam"

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