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Originally Posted by Rubu
Well, seen a few explanation of my nick (real name atually) here, but I was suprised to see no one mentioned one thing that I have faced so many times before.

Hearing my name a lot of people thought I was a girl

This has been a source of endless fun for me when I was in Bd. I used to send my names to those magazine pen friend columns. u won't have any idea how many replies I used to get.... they were fun to read as well.
Girl-like name can really bring whole lot of troubles !!
One of my friends in Dhaka University was Numeri Zaman.
Believe it or not, he was assigned to "Shamsunnahar Hall" after admission.
He had to go through a lot of paper works to change is hall affiliation.
Using the style of হৈমন্তি মরিয়া প্রমান করিলো সে মরে নাই ,
we used to make fun of him নুমেরী "খুলিয়া" প্রমান করিলো সে পুরুষ
জননী জন্মভূমিশ্চ স্বর্গাদপি গরিয়সী
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