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Originally Posted by cRow
Longest pee taken between innings
The record for the longest pee taken between innings is 29 minutes and 38 seconds and is held by Mrs Maureen Depford of Great Yipten Cricket Club. Mrs Agnes Pettycoombe who was waiting patiently outside the toilet waiting for it to become vacant, likened the noise from inside the booth to a standing ovation at the Albert Hall.

Longest post-match mood
The longest post-match mood lasted 17 days and 15 hours. Lorraine Monk of Lessenbury Cricket Club, Wiltshire was adjudged LBW first ball of a meaningless match against Lower Holm Cricket Club on 2nd May 1998. Lorraine, incensed by the decision, employed the 'silent treatment' in protest at the decision for a staggering 17 days and 15 hours. This included two further
weekends of cricket and compromised her employment at a local Call Centre at which she is employed as a Call Handler. Her husband commented 'I've had a wonderful and peaceful last couple of weeks. I just hope she gets a lot more decisions going against her'.

Strangest appeal
The record for the strangest appeal belongs to Karen Nostrill of Underhill Cricket Club, West Yorkshire. Karen was not overly familiar with the game, and after
bowling her first ever ball, it struck the pads of the opposing batswoman. In a fit of excitement, Karen cried 'Gooooaaaalllllllllllll before peeling away and 'windmilling' her arms. Karen has not played cricket since.
I have no doubt most if not all of these are made up but the ones quoted were personal favourites.
Not a bad dig I thought.
27.5 Price to Rajin Saleh, SIX, comes down the track, gets to the pitch of the delivery and lofts it over the long on fence, good clean hit, huge hit, and new balls called for
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