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Yes, they have to be made up.

This one sealed the deal for me:

Longest time taken to retrieve a ball
The record for the longest time taken to retrieve a ball is held by Mrs Cliffarina Bacon of Staplelawn Cricket Club and stands at 44 minutes. Cliffarina, a brute of a woman standing at an impressive 6' 3" tall had lost interest in the game she was playing due to being bowled for her 8th duck of the season and not being allowed to bowl. After the opposition batswoman had cut a ball past Cliffarina at deep gulley, it took her an astounding 12 minutes to realise what was happening despite the screams from her teammates. It then took her an amazing 16 minutes to trudge down to the 3rd man boundary (where the ball had stopped just inches inside the rope) and a further incredible 16 minutes to release the ball. Her throw was predictably
wild and the batswomen managed to run an additional three runs on top of the 68 they had already completed.
As if someone else wouldn't go and get the ball?
"Big six by the big man" - Wasim Akram & Sunil Gavaskar on Mark Cosgrove
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