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Question why pekerman starts with saviola,crespo

i really dont understand perkerman liking for saviola, crespo. it seems like he has decided his starting 11 and he never changes mind. afterall tevez was the man of the match against nederlands and messi is a very talented player. its true argentina needs a center forward and someone like crespo fits the bill, but why saviola? he was non existant against mexico, missed a sure goal (which messi or tevez would have scored) and lost lot of the balls easily. that starting 11 encouraged mexico to mount attacks. as soon as tevez ,aimar and messi were in the field, mexico was on backfoot.

everytime messi gets the balls u will see atleast 2-3 defenders closeby as backup because he can easily get past them.if messi is not fully fit, bring him on after 30-40 minutes in place of a midfielder but please start with and keep crespo and tevez together for the whole match. as an argentinian supporter, i am desperate. they have to attack germany if they sit back like this, they will be eaten up by the powerful german machine. comeon argentina , take revenge for klinsman acting to get the penalty(and the cup) in 1990.
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