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The only reason Messi and Tevez looked great was because mexico was dead tired there subs were all gone by the 60th minute. Crespo has scored in 4 straight games dating back to 02.

Messi and Tevez are both 19 yrs old so you have to play with your experienced players. Messi coming off a Calf Injury better not push him.

It's better to play them late in games when players are tired and game opens up alot more. It'll be easy pickings for Riquelme to find Messi when he's fresh and the defenders are tired.

BTW: Messi Comes off the bench for Barcelona, he only plays 20-30 minutes for them and he's quite effective scoring 7 goals in 23 games, so it's not wise to let him play 90 minutes when only plays 20-30 minutes for Barcelona
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