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What a game. I never supported Argies, but, last night was incredible. Mexico, just played so brilliant football, it got my nerver for almost all the match. Although, I would persoanlly want Argies to play in the QF, but, boy, Mexico deserved to a place in QF too. They just got beaten by a super goal.
Few analysis. I really dont understand, why Crespo is still playing in the starting line up. Players like Tevez and Messi are much better options. Tevez had been Brazilian Footballer of the year and we all see what is he capable ot doing. Hernan crespo ( i call him Hannan Crispy), is just waster of team talents for Argies. He has a very annoying ability to miss an absolute free net chance.
But, since they overcame such a difficult match, i would now probably tag them for the finals. They have a wonderful bench. And.. its also stupid to see Saviola is getting preffered in place of Aimer. Aimer is just so much better than Saviola. Barca was worst when he was playing in first eleven for them. I had the oppertunity to watch him play for Barca and I must say, he was pathetic. He was no where near maradonna (as he used to be called New maradonna after world youth cup victory in 2000 for Argentina and was named best player of the trournament). On the contrary, Aimer is one the best players and its sad that he only got to play few mins of the match.
As usual, Ayla (my most favourite player for Argentina)was coool. If Brazil could have a player like him, It would have been impossible to beat brazil.

Anyqway.. at the end, we have a craker game comming up in the QF. Although, Argies ar estrong and would love to see them in the final, this present german team is just too good. Tehy are well. oiled and running at full steam. Players like Schweinsteiger, Podolski, Lahm will create lots of trouble for Argies, as like Brazil, Argies are not so strong when being attacked through wings. And, Geman defence can surely handle "Hannan" crespo. Players like Tevez will be a difficult option for german and i really hope Pekermann realize this sooner than later.
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