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Originally Posted by nannu
the apeal for a goaall is funniest thing i heard in cricket.

by the way does anybody know who was the batsman who hit a ball ouside the stadium and than finally hit his own car?

i am sure that the story is true. for this was the funiest fact in cricket till today.

Closest I've heard to that is when Stuart Carlisle (Zim) hit a 6 out of the stadium, into the river. I was at that game, it was an Australians Chairman's XI vs Zimbabweans at Lilac Hill in, I think, 2003.

Now, I seem to remember something about someone jumping into the river looking for the cricket ball, whether or not this actually happened, or they actually found it, I do not know.
"Big six by the big man" - Wasim Akram & Sunil Gavaskar on Mark Cosgrove
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