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It was really sad to see argentina lost the when they surely didnt deserve to loose. As I had criticized Pekerman before for his tactic and team selection, my fear came true. Although he did good not to play Saviola but, he still stick with Crespo. I dont know whether any of u had seen more closely Crespo's game. No wonder I call Hannan Crispy. He is a striker who doesnt have good postional sense and always fail to score when it matters. There were atleast 4 occassions, which could have resulted into a goal and got wasted simply due to poor postional sense of Crespo. He is never there where he should have been, that how a great striker is evaluated.
Pekerman, i never liked his tactic and I alawys criticized his techincal knowledge about the game. He was simply lucky to have some bunch of really great footballers around him and his tactical ability was not put under question because of that. However , in QF againts German, everyone saw how dumb tacticaly he was. It was really amazing to see how Klinsmann changed the game with his tactical briliance whereas, Pekerman lost the game. The change to bring Odonka to the right wing was just an amazing decision. Sorin wasnt the best the defennders and he was already under booking. Odonka is the fastest moving player in germany and if Sorin were about to stop Odonka attacking, there was every bit of possiblity that Sorin might commit another serious foul. So, Sorin couldnt play the hard defensive game to stop Odonka and that gave a big loophole in Argentine Defence. On the other hand, what pekerman did was simple oppsite of any thing brilliant. Before Riquelme left the game, there wastn much german attack, since, the midfield was in Argentine controll. And more to that, Riquelme was alawys drawing 2 defenders towards him everytime he was getting the ball. Hence, whenever Argentina was started to attck, German defence looked inconfidant as there were always more argentine players inthe front that germans at the defence. and Unlike Italians, German attack vastly depends on those drive through the midfield . So, Riquelme blunder was just too much to allow the germans to capture the midfield and we all saw waht happend wtinin 10 mins after that.
I understand the requirement to bring a defender when the regular goalkeeper got injured, but, it could have been Crespo in place of Riquelme. Also 2nd substitution was awful. Players like Messi or Aimer would have surely give lots of trouble to this german defence than Cruz. I simply failed to see what the hell Pekerman was thinkingh in the entire match. German goal was a beautty and i wont blame the substituted goalkeeper for that. It could have beaten the best goal keeper in the world.

At the end, it was really sad that this Argentina couldnt win the cup. I have never seen such a great argentine team since 86 and this is truely a great waste of chane for the glory. I am a hardcore brazilan fan and never like argentina but, I really feel sorry for argies and it also proves one more thing, just playing beautiful football doesnt win the cup, its complete professionalism that wins the cup. Even though Brazil never played beautiful football since 94 like in 80's , some how I like more this kind of game than those attractive games of 80's. To me, its eficiency that matters. Although Brazil isnt playing great football , but I think, this team is still more professional than Argies and will go to final atleast.
Last word, Please get rid of this "Hannan" Crespo. He is a choker and will never deliver good when it matters. He can only score agasint "Bangladesh". If Batistuta was in this team, there would have been no way that anything would have stoped Argentina to win this world cup. Its unfortunate that He just played in the wrong time.
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