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ur right, playing crespo was a mistake but the substitution to bring in cruz when he could have brought messi (argentina was in the lead then) was the ultimate mistake. also i guess aimar would be better to sub riqelme.

i guess i know how perkerman thinks. he thought against germany it would me more physical thats why he started with tevez in place of saviola(which i think was right) but he simply didnt bring messi because he thought smaller messi would be wrestled off the ball. but he was wrong, it is hard to take the ball away from messi, he has pace and could have got through the german defence and set tevez free. for most of the game i thought germany was at argentina's mercy, this is the first time they came across a team who likes to dribble though them. anyway its just a game and the team who scores more goals wins. so congrats to germany!
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