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There is nothing stupid about it.
Passion is something that you can not shape within a logical frame of mind.
Passion flows in different ways in different people.
Some people can put the passion in some creative way and other just doesn’t know how to handle it.

There will be more world cup--still the fan find the earth not worth to live in.
There are millions other people to love- still a young chap thinks the world is nothing without the single person he/she loves. Millions of youth sacrifice the best time of life doing something - showing a bold protest against the ruler or just by trying to become a poet.

Passion could be creative, passion could be destructive.
On one side, Great passion drives great works of creation. On the other side, passion takes its toll. That's the same passion that motivates ordinary people do something out of ordinary. Some are lucky and do great; some are not so lucky and perish.
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