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Originally Posted by Cats_eye
There wasn't any fault on Roberto Carlos. Get it people!!! (If you have any sense) The second half just got started. How can he be tired and play the rest of the match?

There were nine guys in the line. Right before the kick 3 of them thought we need to stay with our man, why? I have no clue. I am sure the strategy was to stick to their position. Look at it again, if you don't believe me. 4 french players would be clear offside if those three did n't follow their gut instinct.

my issue is not that. My issue is Brazil didn't play like brazil. They all stood around and didn't move. Couldn't score a goal. France played better. Could have scored another goal in the dying minutes. they had better chances. end of story, I have to sit on this for the next four years.
Very Poorly planned offside trap (if they were going for a offside trap)... it kinda highlights how brazil played during that match. I think the older players in the Brazilian team were more responsible then other, especially Roberto Carlos and Cafu played below par. kaka also had a bad game, i think it's due to his injury. The coach should have been smart enough to replace these players by halftime, but instead he waited until Brazil conceded a goal.