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Default Final Standing

It was a pleasure for me to host this thread. Thank you for your continious support during the period. Mr Cricket predicted the correct result yesterday. Now it is the time to declare the winner. The winner is Banglatiger. He was simply awsome in knockout stage. Though he and I earn same number of points, he edged me by predicting the winner of WC 2006. Congratulation Banglatiger.

Here is the final standing
Banglatiger 72
Best 72
Sadi 69
Tehsin 63
Miraz 62
Abdul W 59
Mr Cricket 53
ialbd 49
Reverse swing 45
Cat'sEye 20
Sydney 18
Hate breed 15
Tiger 1000 11
Thunder 7
Babubangla 7
Bancan 2
Sabbir 2
Yameen 1
James 1
Bangladeshfan 0

Again, I thank You all
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