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Originally Posted by Sydney
mate...if u follow the patterns, Italy reaches the wc finals every 12 yrs...
(70, 82,94,06) and they win the cup every 24 yrs .. ( 82, 06)..
so i guess the Brazilian record is quite safe for a while..

n in next 6 wc, u can bet Brazilians winning it atleast once or twice..
how come ??
Brazil won the wc in every single continent..
latin america, north america, Europe, Asia...
so next time its gonna be in Africa...
following my patterns, i bet Brazil will win that one too..
keeping their records clean...
but at this moment Italy is breathing on Brazil's neck.

Good thing Italy does not have players like Monti and Orsi like in 34 and 38 otherwise, the next three world cups would be theirs . If there a world cup in 42 they would have won it too.