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oh comon guys, why should we Brazilian fans be afraid off??.. Statistically, Italy could win a world cup every after 24 years.. that is 6 more world cups. And, Brazil will surely be able to win one or two more world cups in next 24 years. So. no need to worry. Also, Italy is a traditional power house. They are the only other team to win the cup two consecutive times. So.. its very very normal that they will again again.
Although France defeated my Brazil, I still supported France to win. Probably because, I have few fav players in France team. Unfortunately, this is the end of the golden generation. There will not be Zidane, Viera, Thuram , makelele (all were very very instrumental in 98 or even in this worldcup) in the next worldcup. There is actually a big chance that they may not be able to qualify next world cup. And records dont say anyting good about european teams outside europe. So, the next world cup will be between Brazil or Argentina.
Although I will always want brazil to win, however, my guess , it will argentina in the next world cup. They have a team which will mature in the next world cup. They will have a very fiery team and its really been long (since 86), that Argentina really looked like winning it.

About brazil, I think ,this was the end of the golden generation. They had once during Pele era and now another one. I will surely miss the awsome Ronaldo. Adriano will probably be in the team for the next world cup, but, iwonder how will he be effective. I really hope, brazil never rely on older players in the defence. This was the reason, Brazil got knocked out in this world cup. However, we will see an entire diffenent team in 2010 worldcup.
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