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Originally Posted by Cats_eye
Don't forget Bangladesh. This was a dull WC with that many yellow cards. Players, coaches are moving away from the fair play.

I am not happy with the Italians winning it but it is better than the french. Brazil played horrible. Ronaldo got his record. Argentina boy they could have easily hoisted the cup if Pokimon (perkerman) didn't make the blunders in sub. Lipi apa is a hero now. Del piero has something that baggio don't. lastly, Love you Zidane!! Thanks for the final headbutt. That's how I will remember 2006 WC.
i am a supporter of argentina and was really hoping that it could be like 86 when i was a jumping as a kid. but i dont agree with you that it would be easy for them even if they defeated germany. italy is very under rated, they are a team who always perform well in big stages. i guess italy would have beaten argentina, same way they defeated germany and france. if people think italy is lucky, just count how many clear chances they got against germany(without counting goals). their strategy doesnt look good but it is very effective.
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