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Originally Posted by Andy-Flower
Just a supporter..a fan of Andy
Oh Andy!Was a great batsman. I loved to watch him playing man. And just think about the batting order- Andy and Grant flower, Neil Jhonson, Marey Goodwin, Stuart Carlisle,Craig Wishart....Heath Streak..Olonga. Ah those days of Zimbabwe man. You lost it, its gone..what a sad story. I feel sad for this reason that world cricket has lost an wonderful side.

ওইখানে আমিও আছি /যেইখানে সূর্য উদয়/প্রিয়দেশ পাল্টে দেবো/তুমি আর আমি বোধহয়/কমরেড, তৈরি থেকো/গায়ে মাখো আলতা বরণ/আমি তুমি আমি তুমি/এভাবেই লক্ষ চরণ
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