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Originally Posted by Andy-Flower
For argument sake, what if you loose say 4-1 what will that mean to BD cricket?...
mate, that will stink like a pile of crap
i know its cricket, but still, chances of us loosing 1-4 to current Zimbabwe team is very remote and highly unlikely.

5-0 should be the outcome, but as said by Miraz, 4-1 is acceptable, and 3-2 is just scraping home with lost pride and wound, but anything other than that would be a real juicy recipe for those ever-hating anti-BD out-of-limelight-past-cricketers and their fellow band-waggoners to jump right on and make the most of it.

and for the fans ?? as much hearth breaking as it would be, we know how to pick up the pieces, use some super-glue and sticky tape, and move on.....
stumble, but move on

been there done that...

Go Bangladesh
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