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Originally Posted by Andy-Flower
Yeah man Andy was tight and the rest of those guys you mentioned. We never used to celebrate victories over countries like Bermuda, Canada and Kenya ..but we have been left with no choice coz loosing seems to be the normal thing nowadays.

Winning just a single game against you guys would be a great achivement in this series. This series would have been more interesting if we had the above team you mentioned considering the form that BD have at the moment. Anyway those are the ups and downs of the game we just have to support what we have...

Go Zim Go!!!!!!!!!!!!
I understand u have to go on with what u have got right now but my question is why all those players left sudenly? I know its the political reason but is not it like a thunderstorm that blew everything away from u? Remember the 1999 world cup in the UK where you had an wonderful team. What an innings from Neil Jhonson came against the Australians! But everything is disappeared now. So so sad my fiend. But I believe the administration should have done something to keep your best players within the country. That never happened and it proves that how cruel and selfish they are.

ওইখানে আমিও আছি /যেইখানে সূর্য উদয়/প্রিয়দেশ পাল্টে দেবো/তুমি আর আমি বোধহয়/কমরেড, তৈরি থেকো/গায়ে মাখো আলতা বরণ/আমি তুমি আমি তুমি/এভাবেই লক্ষ চরণ
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