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YO! israr..i agree with wotchu saying mayne..we hoping the team mature quickly who knows maybe in three years time we will be playing Day 5 test cricket against Aussie like we used to...but the lads need to pick up wins along the way so that they can beleive in themselves.

Originally Posted by SMHasan
I know its the political reason but is not it like a thunderstorm that blew everything away from u? But everything is disappeared now...So so sad my fiend. But I believe the administration should have done something to keep your best players within the country.
There is no administration to talk about in Zim man, i know when people hear about ZC they think its a sports body but it aint nothing like that. To Zimbos when we hear ZC we see the Government, the army...and Zim GVT is not like any other {i think y'all know what i mean}. We used to think ZC were racists but they are way beyond that, i mean Taibu is black but where is he right now . He didnt want to be a puppet no more thats why the kid ran away coz he's life was in danger. The kid broke the simple rules of the game - "if you wanna stay, obey orders and be silent...thats the truth and i aint trippin
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