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Originally Posted by Cats_eye
Couldn't/haven't kept up with one of my favorite teams. I am a supporter of Liverpool FC with kenny duglish, and ian rush. Those were the days when we ruled the world.
Here is the latest update for Cats_Eye Bhai.

We have really found a new speed gun in our new recruit Gonzales. I heard he could run 100m in 10.02 seconds. There is also a rumour that Gary Neville, the mancs right back, went to see manager Sir Alex and he wanted to be exempted playing in that position against Liverpool. Many people think he is scared of Gonzales. Now Sir Alex is trying to get matterazzi for cover for this particular game.
Rafa, the Liverpool manager, also went to see English FA chief executive and raised his concern over Wayne Rooney’s stamping habit on the balls. Rafa asked for permission if his players can use guard (the guard used in cricket for protection) while playing against mancs. Rafa also asked if he could build a small swimming pool next to Liverpool penalty box so that Ronaldo can practise diving.
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