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Default Can the real purush please stand up

Looks like we have two members with the same name: kalpurush and Kaal-Purush. Who is the real Purush? Or are they same or twin brothers?

After exponential growth of this website, looks new members are having hard time finding unique names and kind of re-using already used names with little modifications which creates confusion who is who.

I was just looking for memebers names starts alphabet 'a' only. And look what we found?

- abdin, abedin23, AbedinC
- Abd & Abid
- adam, adam voisey & adamnsu
- adnan & adnan_zaman
- ahmed & Ahmed_B
- Alvi & Alvy
- amama & aman
- Anan & Ananta
- amarbangla, & amar_bangla
- amim & amin
- amit, amits & amit_is_back
- ami_bd , ami_Bekub & ami_eka

Most likely some of them are same person, some of them are may be brothers and sisters, and some of them may be 'ager jonmer Mashtuto Bhai'.

But what can we so to simplify the issue of confusion?

Here are few suggestion:

- The members can be proactive and contact admin to delete multiple users names created by same member.

- Can add another field. So member user id can be similar, member forum name should be distinct

- Add more restriction in member creation logic so that new member cannot create already used very similar names

- Exsiting members can ask suggestion ( Like VladMamu did) in this forum for good, unique names. And then they can request admin to change the name.

What do you guys think? Its a bad Idea? I knew that.

I think there was a thread addressing this issue, but couldn't find it any more. Therefore I created a new thread again.

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