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During my undergraduate time I really got in trouble with my boss for getting mixed up with names.
I used to work part time in a pub while I was studying. I had boss who was a man of less words. One-day morning he came into the pub and just said “coffee”. I thought he was ordering me to make him a cup of coffee. So I went to kitchen and asked the Kenyan guy, who was working in the kitchen, to make a cup of coffee and I took the coffee to the boss.
The coffee was left on the table and he wasn’t drinking for 15/20 minutes. Then he shouted and called me again, “ where is coffee?”
I replied, “ there, on the table”
He impatiently screamed and shouted again, “ not this coffee”
I said, "what coffee then? Turkish coffee or Irish coffee?"
Then he really got angry and shouted, “ I want Kenyan coffee”
Apparently, the Kenyan guy who was working in the kitchen, had name “coffee”.

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