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Originally Posted by Hatebreed
Aww Liverpool fans are so getting excited about the prospect of another 3rd place, how cute.

Even though I respect Liverpool as an opponent, I don't like their fans' attitude. I understand you guys like living in the past, whatever gives you comfort.
We are living in past. When was the last time Manure won a trophy. Last two seasons we won the two most presitigious trophy. Can I remind you how many time we won the Euopean Trophy and how many time manu did tht? I am not going into past. So I would not. But can not resist to let you know we never played in second division Man U did
We may be excited for 3rd place(?), but you are losing your sleep for being fifth. The order Reds of Liverpool, Chelsky, Goonars, Totanham and then others
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