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ji bhai,
joto jai hok ebong kagoje kolome joto jai lekha hok shob sheshe kintu manush jeta prottasha kore sheta kintu joi. tobe amra asha korbo amra shighri shai joi peye jabo. well previously someone has mentioned about infrastructure but i am actually not that convinced because if the infrastructure was evenly made and distributed around the whole country then players from all districts would have actually come up. not only from some certain areas from the country such as dhaka and near by places of dhaka chittagong sylet and barisal. but this is not the whole country. there is a huge population in the northern part of the country. but i dont see anyone coming up from there. well i am not criticizing dhaka and sylet or chittagong. credits should always be given to them because they can create skilled players. but what i am trying to say is that there is more to be done.
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