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Originally Posted by Sorry
Hey Hatebreed,
I have observed you throughout your BC membership. You have converted yourself from a hate poster (now i intend to take that place) to a good poster now.
Why don’t you convert yourself to Liverpool fan? Last year you told me that Liverpool is your second favourite team; come on, join us, you will make a good Liverpool fan. They are the best and most passionate in the world. If you become a Liverpool fan, I will send you free ticket to watch Liverpool at Enfield. I promise.
Btw, FYI, Liverpool have won 18 times though it wasn’t called premiership during that time.
And what’s the big deal about calling premiership or first division, it was the top division anyway. I used to be called banglar_dorbesh in this forum; does it make any difference to you?
Thanks Sorry, I hope there was no sarcasm in your comments. As I said, I do respect Liverpool for their acheivements, but I don't like people making silly remarks about Man Utd.. I grew up supporting them and I always will. It's like I don't have to love Nintendo or Atari because I know they revolutionised gaming in the past, I love what's today.. like Sony.

When Liverpool won those times the league included all the mediocre 1st division teams which were scrapped after the premiership was reformed and left with the 'elite' bunch. Different or not, Man Utd is certainly the most successful English club of this era and I only wish people would appreaciate that, even though it's also the reason why rival fans despise us.
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