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Originally Posted by mhferdaus
rather it should be what do we think about ourselves, and how are we going to live? to live as true Muslims or denounce our faith altogether and atleast show the grace of not being munafic? how should we fight the corruption and crimes which so much is in the vein of our system? how are we going to know about the fundamentals of Islam instead of calling ourselves Muslim just to make a label out of it???
mhferdaus, I understand what you mean but I think you are mixing two different issues. Its one thing living as a good muslim, fighting corruption, knowing the fundamentals of Islam and another thing saying some celebrity is a muslim. They are incomparable and you cannot justify that one is of greater importance than the other. Its like asking which is more important....eating green apples or watching godzilla? Doesn't make sense right? Just like that, your comparison (while thoughtful) doesnt quite blend in well...