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Originally Posted by Zunaid
People get used to change. Remember Rubu? What was his nick before?

I, personally, prefer people use their real names but I do see Spitfire's very valid point with such changes - disrupts context and makes things very confusing to newcomers. Spitty - care to change to your real name?
Personally I like to use the same nick in as many places as possible. So I'm not changing.

Using real name has problems. In forums we are used to diverse nicks, and I think it makes identifying inviduals more comfortable. Many of us may have same or very similar real name. Latest example: "Zunaid" and "ZunIAD". The latter guy used to log-in with "Zuniad" in the first couple of days, and it made things really confusing for many of us.

I think you should tell him to change his nick to something different
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