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Default Planning for Champions Trophy: How can we do better than last series?

"Should we play test cricket? ", the very first question that I posted after the Zimb series lose. We improved definitely, there were signs and also results. But how much that's upto the audience. We don't get to play cricket that much now a days, it was a hursh reality that we have been stripped off from playing too many international level test cricket. But we got a chance in African series, but Zimb played well(or we played worst) and we got defeated. We can write books to find out the reasons for the defeats. Less time to adjust, bowlers' got tired, Masrafee performed worst in his cricket career, Pilot should join movies instead of the team, Rajin should join body building instead of building our innings, Golla likes to show his copy book block shot first few overs, Ash will take more time while hibernating and grow up from his puberty age,....the list goes on and on.

First of all, we are new team, but we played enough international games to be not considersed as novice. Our main concern was obviously batting and fielding. It was clearly visible.

So, what's next. In champions trophy can we become good. Please share your thoughts, suggestions. And if anyone knows any selectors or BCB personels please
inform them about our sayings, thoughts.
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