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Originally Posted by ialbd
The players will not fast as they did not in the past...

But one of my neighbourhood 'hujur' (in Dhaka) termed this as 'Shirq' as technically they'll avoid compulsory fasting and devote to sth apart from the sake of ALLAH.

I didnt try explaining the hujur anything like, they are playing for our country or they are playing the game as a part of their job that feeds them, cause I was confused myself. Its really hard to take a side in these sort of cases and even my conscious fails me for an answer.
I was told the same and at that age I was just as cynical of this view as you were. I still find it hard to believe how something like that could be considered Shirq. Admittedly my knowledge of religious matters is very limited, but after reading a little about the different kinds of shirq, I find the Mullah's claim more and more untenable. May be some of our knowledgable users could shed some light on this.
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