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Originally Posted by Carte Blanche
I was told the same and at that age I was just as cynical of this view as you were. I still find it hard to believe how something like that could be considered Shirq. Admittedly my knowledge of religious matters is very limited, but after reading a little about the different kinds of shirq, I find the Mullah's claim more and more untenable. May be some of our knowledgable users could shed some light on this.
well...if its a job, and they would be starving without the job, i suppose it is okay to skip fasting. but the days must be made up. and i doubt fasting could be forsaken the days they don't play. i've fasted and played stuff before as have my friends. i don't think it makes you any weaker than you already are.

and of course as tigers eye mentioned, hakeem olajuwon and shareef abdur-rahim actually achieved statistical boosts during ramadan. tho its one thing to play in a dome at 68 degrees F, and under the sun at 30 deg C.

whilst traveling, fasting can be made up later. but during home games, i suppose fasting could be postponed.

but i don't know to give a fatwa.

this is just my personal opinion.
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