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Originally Posted by TheWatcher
According to my little knowledge, when someone is 50 miles away from his home city and he is intending to stay at the new place for less than 15 days, he is considered a traveller. So, as long a match is not played on the player's home city and he is not staying at that venue for continuous 15 days, he is not required to fast.

But yeah, no one can say for sure whether any of our cricketers will fast if he is required to do so during a match.
yes, as far as my little knowledge goes, that is correct. but if u go in a different city/place and have a house in that city, u r considered a local. by that standard, even those who dont live in Dhaka but got a house of thier own or renting, they would be considered local.

and if they r travelling to india, surely they r Musafir. they can skip that day of fasting but hv to make it up only 1 day for each day of non-fasting when available.

Also im not quite sure what's the fatwa on this. if you hv a job that is physically high demanding, can u or can u not skip the fasting?? may be our more knowledgable brothers/sisters can enlighten us.

and pls dont compare basketball with cricket. its like comparing apples with orange. both r sports for sure but demands different needs. basketball is only 80 mins ( im not sure) game under a closed roof air conditioned game while cricket is an open field under the sun 8 hr game.
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