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Originally Posted by Tigers_eye
Against chuna puti, a strategy like targeting their best player works real well. Against the big dogs no amount of strategy will work unless we implement it with perfection. We got away with poor batting against Kenya. SL and WI will mercilessly kill us if we give a similar kind of performance.

Strategy #1: Don't throw your wickets up.
Strategy #2: Rotate Strike. You don't have to hit 4 and 6 in every ball.
Strategy #3: Bowl on the right spot and mix them up with speed and flight.
Strategy #4: Don't get frustrated once your back is against the wall. Fight.

WI and SL have too many Steve Tikolo's or better. The Strategy is to steal one game against SL or WI by hook or by ....

by hook or by...? Setay to jante chachi?!!
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