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Originally Posted by Haradhon
Can you not find any other topic to discuss?
Assalaamu 'alaikum,

It's not a bad topic to discuss after all. Atleast, we are now aware of the definition of a musafir (traveller). Thanks to brother TheWatcher for this post.

Just a little correction, though it's very minor: the local area is considered to be within a radius of 48 miles, instead of 50 miles. That's about 77 km.

A musafir is permitted to abstain from the fast of Ramadan although it is meritorious for him to fast if it isn't difficult. The qada' of the fasts missed will have to be made.

So in any case, the players (or any traveller) would have to make up the missed fasts once they return to their locality.
And Allah knows best.
Assalaamu 'alaikum.
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