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Originally Posted by Sydney
which planet u come from mate?? Pluto?? oops..they r not a planet anymore..
why not "even think" of beating SL??
if my memory serves me right, we beat them just early this year!! if we can do it once, we can do it again!!

Our target would be simple as: Play good sensible cricket with the aim to win ALL the matches. Whether they can or not is another question. but if u do play with that aim and given its One day Cricket, i cant see why we wont be able to win at least 2 games out of Zim, WI and SL. after all, we DID beat two out of these 3 teams before. and PLZ FOR GOD'S SAKE, dont tell me how SL annihilated SA and Eng recently. It hardly means anything to me for upcoming matches in October.

yes its wud be near impossible to ask from our players to win 3 international matches in a row against at least 2 quality opponents, but that should be the aim and target.

and about the strategy?? I have a plan.
BD players need to think that WI and SL is actually Australia. Cuz we seems to hv played much better against the world champs in the recent past than what was expected of us. Plus think how we beat them. and think of beating them again.
Think how the almost "great" win got away. Feel the rage and go for the kill.

Eid shall come early for us Inshallah.
Well said.
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