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No major upsets. few got a scare.

FSU-Miami -defense, defense and some defense. FSU team managed to have a total of 5 yards of rushing yards in the entire game. 5?? 1 in 1st half. 4 in the second and still won, lol. And guess how much Miami had in rushing yards for the match? 4, lol. Combining both teams, 9 yards of rushing in 50 tries. That has to be record. score 13-10 FSU.

Notre Dame - GT. Geez! "How to lose a match 101". That what GT displayed. Personal foul allowed ND to continue the drive and had catches that can be only dreamed off. deflected by defenders falling in to the lap of the receivers. Sad. 14-10 ND.

USC - Ark. USC, a far superior team helped by 3 turnovers in the 1st half giving USC field position inside the opponent territory. still was checked to 10 points at the half. 2nd half the defense was tired, offense turned over again and the game was over for Arkansas. 50-14 USC.

Tenn - UCLA. I for one thought UCLA would show up in this match. Tenn just dominated from the start and never looked back. PAC 10 is over-rated. Cause Tenn is in between 5 and 7 team in SEC.

Others: Oklahoma got a scare. Texas and Ohio State flexed their muscles. That would be an intriging game next week. The buck-eyes are traveling to Austin with revenge in mind. Big ten registered a 100% win for the week one.

Games to watch (week 2): Penn vs ND (home).
Ohio State vs Texas (home).
Arizona vs LSU (home).
Georgia vs South Carolina (home). Georgia is no Mississippi State. Ole ball coach will have a tough time.
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