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Dav has wasted plenty of time nurturing the bunch-of-loggerheadeds on playing their natural games: doing their own business. This proved inefficient and most of the time insufficient. Now is the time to change the gear. Why dont we think the weakness that the opposition have and act according (near about!) to that plot. He has that knowledge. He should employ those: find faults in others pocket and get the coins out of those holes. May be it is weakness of the whole opposition or individual players (atleast two key players). If we do not attack, do not make others feel out of their own plan, we will never, ever become a winner. Playing our natural game and waiting for a lucky day will never get us upper hand, coz we dont have anyting natural, anything normal! The BD team is a bunch of suckers!! If they are not dictated what to do, they wont do their job.
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