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Originally Posted by Mr-Cricket
Less than 2 mins to download a 150mb file? How is that possible! I mean I know Australia still lags behind other OECD countries in terms of Broadband Infrastructure, but could we really have fallen that far behind?
Last time, I used net in Australia it was iiNet. They promised minimum 1.5 mbps and up to 6.0 mbps. I used to get ~2-3 mbps in general and found that much better speed than what I get here in the US using Comcast Cable.

To dw 150 MB in less than 2 min you need one of the fastest connection out in the market. Do a simple math - 150 MB in 2 mins means 75 MegaByte in 1 min means 600 mega bit in less than 60 secons i.e. more than 10 mbps. I only wish to have such speedy connection:-)
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