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I usually take the officials side but this week it seems that the officiating was poor. With the help of replay even they could not get some of the crucial calls right.

1. Oklahoma vs Oregon. Oklahoma did everything right. and they should have won the game easily. But the officials missed several key calls and handed the Oregon the Pac-10 team the victory. Guess which conference the crew were from? Yep, Pac-10.

2. LSU-Auburn. Just bad officiating by the SEC crew. They need some serious upgrade if things are to be better. Auburn hold on to dear life with officials giving calls in their favor.

There were some upsets and there were some big wins. Here it went down last week.

Notre Dame lost to Michgan. They were blown out in the first half and could never get back. But I think Brady Quinn is NFL material.

9th ranked Florida State team some how lost to unranked Clemson.

Louisville is stablishing themselves as one of the contenders for this years title chase. I don't think they can get a shot at the title but a BCS bowl will be there. They Killed Miami. For the first time since 1999 Miami is not ranked any more.

W Virgina, Va tech, Ohio State, Penn, Georgia, Texas, Cal, USC crused to their victories.

Florida beat the vols at Nayland Stadium. Big win on the road. 21-20 gators.
BC survived yet again in overtime against BYU. 23-30 overtime.

Next weeks important matchups.
Louisville (8) goes to Kansas State.
Arizona State (20) visits Cal (22).
Penn (24) visits Ohio (1).
Notre Dame (12) goes to Michgan St.

Other matchups:
Arkansas Vs Alabama
USC (3) Vs Arizona
Iowa State Vs Texas (7)
Colorado Vs Georgia (9)
Va tech (11) Vs Cinci
Minn Vs Purdue
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