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hahaha.. see! you guys get mad and start making these kidna silly comments so easy! That was my point dude. We want to avoid that.

anyways, i don know dude. I am not rich like you peepz. I will always look for cheaper price, since non of em are legal. hehe. and do you know, that jump tv is illegal too?! that's not my word though, i heard it from some other guy... and in canada rogers has this ntv deal, now dish network doesn't work at my appartment any longer! Are they legal as well? man.. the world is getting so fake thesedays..

anyways.. benup is gone guys, so yeah lets not talk about em any longer. I don think any one will ever give us anything cheaper than what they gave.. and when they were able to show the game, it was pretty good i believe. specialyl i enjoyed their ntv stream so much. i feel sorry for em thts all. they weren't desi but still care for us. but well since game is the only thing you peepz have in mind, these words are useless to you .. hehe.. so chill
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