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Default Why no Offside, V players? Whither Lefties?

Folks (Bhayera Tomar, Bonra Amar)

In my many years of playing cricket with Bangladeshis and watching the Tigers, I have noticed that we do not have any batsmen who is a gifted off-side player. Or one who is strong playing within the V. Or is a lefty (Rana excluded)

Think about it - since Atahar Ali, how many Bangladeshi batsman are able or willing to consistently can get on the front foot or back foot, with the leading shoulder automatically dipping and then driving with power and timing along the V or bisecting the cover or mid-off?

We have some who are very comfortable playing the kechi-marka cut shot. And some will attempt to square drive. But none who give the full face of the bat to the ball and forces it to the boundary.

Most of our batsmen are predominanly onside players. They like to shuffle across and then play it towards their left. And this in turn often leads to imbalance, LBWs, etc.

What to you think are the reasons? Coaching or lack there of? Low bounce - but wouldn't that encourage driving? Preponderance of right-handed inswing bowlers and off-spinners in formative level cricket?

As for the dearth of lefties, I just don't understand it. As a southpaw myself, I totally enjoy messing up a bowlers line & length everytime I go to bat (not that I accomplish much with that advantage). Yet I cannot recall a single top or middle order, lefty, Bangladeshi batsman.

When I watch a Ganguly, or Taufeeq Umar or A. Flower play, I so wish Bangladesh had a good left handed opener.

What could be the reason for this? The Islamic/cultural stigma about the "baam haat puchir jonno"? The fact that if you are lefty you always have to buy the gear and can't borrow others'?

Lets hear your thoughts on these two topics guys. With that darned rain, no play is going on anyway.

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