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Originally Posted by kabir
Zunaid bhai,

I remember posting it sometime ago in some other thread, but here it is again (sorry for duplication).

For getting CBN while with Rogers, you *must* have ATN (hindi). That by itself costs $15/month I believe. CBN can then be added on to it for another $7 or 8 I think. It's a month-to-month subscription for these additional channels. So total you're done for less than $30 for CT. .
Um its not like that. You dont need Atn Hindi or anything.. All you need is a digital box which is $10/month.. and then you can add any channels you want.. You can just get CBN or 10 chanles if you want.. Ask them for ATN CARIBBEAN aka CBN..But if you take other ATN channels along with CBN then they charge you a little les.. They have ATN BANGLA too . so yeah.. so with the Digital box + ATN CARIBBEAN = $10 + $15 = $25 .. Thats it.. And you can cancel CBN anytime you want. If after the gave you dont want CBN anymore , then you can cancel it. just call them... and soemtimes if you keep the chanel less then half a month, they dont charge you for the whole thinng.. You can ask them about that.. so yes....
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