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I think the format's slightly better now. Less competitive, but less chance for real upsets. West Indies winning the previous CT was a shock. I think the current format might allow class and form to shine through.

3 complaints about the CT though..not that related to the format..

1) Preliminary Qualifying round
Doesn't allow Bdesh to take part in the "Real CTs". I hate reading articles about the "proper, real CTs" starting only on this Sunday and yadayada.

2) Grouping of Countries
Group B with Australia, England and India (and now West Indies) seems stronger than Group A with Pakistan, South Africa, New Zealand (and now Sri Lanka). Groups should be of equal strength as much as possible. My perception might be wrong here, though.

3) Scheduling of matches
While the teams in Group A have a series of matches which allows momentum to be built, the Group B teams have a sucky scheduling. Long break between their first matches and second matches. Whatever momentum they gain in the first round, they lose it by the second round. I think this will affect the tournament's competitiveness too.

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